As my role in the Company I was working for was coming to an end, day after day I became more aware of the conditions of the landscape I had come to know during years of driving to and fro along the roads of the Pianura Padana.

 In this period, I witnessed the closing down of hundreds of small owner-operated companies and I had to listen to the worries of men and fathers, who had to fight against the hardships brought along by an increasingly competitive market that had become indifferent to the quality of their products.

 This is the setting in which these photographs were taken, from 2009 to 2013, during the Economic Crisis that I witnessed in person.

 I started this project on the State of the Landscape as a form of therapy, to escape the reality I was forced to live in, as a salesman having to bear the pressure of my managers on whose behalf I was supposed to sell.

 The roads I drove along, to make the products from the manufacturing sector reach the market, modified my idea of the landscape, bringing it closer to what the places really were. In front of me there was no longer an idealized landscape, but a concrete and polluted one, made of roads and motorways, where marks and scars became signs through which thousands of stories could be read.

 These photographs represent my pauses and my daily dialogue with what I was seeing. A landscape that – from being a complete stranger to me – became my friend, my companion, and the only certainty I could rely on in a declining world.

 I took the photographs, and found the strength inside myself to tell the story of these places, even if the sense of uneasiness was difficult to bear.

 Sometimes, an unseizable truth is contained in such infinite spaces, made of voids and noises coming from distant roads, where there are children growing up, and forgotten existences fall into desert country-sides, where machineries have taken away from men both their work and the serenity of the lost village life.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Giovanni Pasinato